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Lake Toba Transport with Toba Transporter, The Best and Trusted Travel Agent

Are you planning to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba? If so, you can rent a car with us because we provide a variety of the latest cars at affordable prices. We rent out Lake Toba transportation so you don't have to bother about transportation when you are there.

Types of Cars Available

To make your vacation enjoyable, it is important to use comfortable transportation. If you use Lake Toba transport, you don't need to be confused about this. However, before you want to rent transportation with us, first know some of the types of cars that are available and you can rent, as follows:

1. SUV

For those of you who like adventure, you are suitable to rent an SUV. This is because the SUV is designed to be strong, tough, and can be used for all terrains. Several brands of SUV cars that are available and you can rent are Suzuki XL7, New Fortuner GR Sport, and New Pajero Dakar.

2. Minivans

If you want to explore Lake Toba with lots of family and friends, you can rent a minivan. This is because the minivan has more capacity than the MVP, some of which can even accommodate up to 16 passengers. Some examples of minivans that you can rent are the Toyota Hiace Commuter and the New Hiace Premio.

3. MPV

This is a type of car that is designed as a family car. Thus, the design and engine capacity are according to the needs of a family car. Moreover, some car rentals even provide premium MVPs, such as Vellfire and Alphard. So, you can choose what MVP you want to rent according to your needs.

Toba Transporter, The Best and Trusted Travel Agent

Using a travel agent, who also rents out transportation, will benefit you. This is because we provide a wide selection of vehicles, ranging from SUVs, minivans, and city cars, to premium MPVs. Also, you don't have to bother about transportation when exploring Lake Toba.

All of our vehicles are new, maintained in quality, and clean so you will feel comfortable riding them. The price is also competitive, worth what you will get. If you want to rent Lake Toba transportation with us, please contact us immediately.


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