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Popular Lake Toba Tours

Vacationing to Lake Toba is everyone's dream because in this place, there are various interesting tourist spots. No wonder many tourists both from domestic and abroad use the services of Lake Toba Tour to fill their best vacation. 

Lake Toba is the most volcanic in the world. There are so many stunning natural panoramas that can soothe your eyes and make you feel like you are in heaven. The following are recommendations for Lake Toba tourism. 

The Best Lake Toba Tour

Here are amazing tourist recommendations on Lake Toba that you must visit while there. 

1. Waterfall Situmurun 

The area around Lake Toba that presents a beautiful natural charm is the Situmurun waterfall. To get there, you need to use a motor boat. This water seems to come from the sky because of its height. 

2. Samosir Island 

The wonder of the world in Lake Toba is the existence of Samosir Island which is the best tourist destination there. The island is very beautiful and you can enjoy the view from the waterfall and lake in that place. 

To get there, you need a ferry to get to the island. In addition, on Samosir Island, you can watch the Sigale-gale cultural show. This show is quite legendary. 

This show shows a wooden statue that is moved by a dalang so that it looks like a dancing human. 

3. Taman Simalem 

For those who want to enjoy a vacation by staying around Lake Toba, you can visit Taman Simalem Resort which offers luxury. Complete facilities and comfortable room service. 

In addition, the view of Lake Toba in that place is also beautiful and stunning. Surrounded by pristine forests, you can heal easily while enjoying the elegant charm of nature. 

All these places can be visited easily with tour services. The Recommendations Lake Toba tour that provides comfortable facilities and services from . You can order various tour packages as you wish.